The Clean Energy Project Builder connects you with the clean energy industry.

We connect you with companies that can help you plan, implement, and manage clean energy projects. The online directory features companies that provide products and services for all kinds of solar energy projects, and wind energy projects big and small. Find companies today or add yours to the directory.

Find Companies:
The Clean Energy Project Builder directory allows you to browse companies; to search by specific technologies like wind and solar or services like engineering, operations & maintenance, or legal services; to find companies near you using geographic search; and to find companies through a range of other details like service area, company age, or completed project capacity. Visit the directory.

Create a Portfolio: Once you have found companies that you want to follow up with you can create a portfolio that allows you to tag them, organize them, and export your lists to a PDF. Compiling a list of qualified companies for your request for proposals just got a whole lot easier! Create an account and get started.

Be Found: It is easy and free to add your company to the Clean Energy Project Builder directory. You just need to serve the solar or wind energy industries in some way. Add your company right now by following our four simple steps. We will have you create an account, change your password, add your company, then add at least one office location—that’s all!

Did we mention it’s free? Clean Energy Project Builder is a completely free service for those planning projects or for companies who want to be found.

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Clean Energy Project Builder is a long-term resource provided through the collaborative efforts of the Southwest Initiative Foundation, Clean Energy Resource Teams, The Minnesota Project, Windustry, Minnesota Solar Energy Industry Association, Minnesota Renewable Energy Society, and Minnesota Department of Commerce's Division of Energy Resources. We want this to be a tool that works for YOU. Let us know what you think by contacting us.

What was REDI Resources?

This website was originally called REDI Resources. The Rural Energy Development Initiative (REDI) helped to maximize rural economic development and stabilize rural economies by building renewable energy capacity, expertise and leadership throughout Minnesota, specifically targeting rural wind energy development. Over two years, REDI staff and its partners were instrumental in shaping wind energy development around Minnesota by providing outreach, education, development assistance, and low-interest financing for community wind projects. These efforts successfully educated over 2,000 people and supported the development of nearly 1,200 megawatts of community wind.  In addition, REDI partners were positioned with resources and connections to continue supporting the clean energy industry.

Input from REDI stakeholders and industry professionals indicated the need for the development of a directory—or a “one-stop shop”—of players in the wind energy development industry.  People are clamoring for a tool that can provide information to existing and potential wind energy development projects as well as the general public regarding businesses and organizations that work in the Minnesota wind arena. Our answer to this demand was to develop “REDI Resources”, a dynamic map-based online directory designed to meet these critical information needs.

REDI Resources was changed to the Clean Energy Project Builder to make the mission of the website even more clear, and continue to carry this resource into the future.