Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs)

Helping Minnesota communities determine their energy future!

The Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) connect you and your community members with resources to identify and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Learn more at!

The Clean Energy Resource Teams are diverse—individuals, small business owners, farmers, members of environmental groups, local utility representatives, local, state and federal government staff and elected leaders, academics—and all share common goals and values. They want strong communities, local jobs, and secure, clean, reliable energy.

The CERTs approach is one of pragmatism and cooperation. It’s a model for how tangible economic, social and environmental benefits can be achieved by reaching across traditional interest groups and taking a true, community-based approach. In fact, CERTs has become something of a model for community-based clean energy.

What about wind power? CERTs is proud to be a partner of REDI Resources and provides technical information, educational events, networking opportunities, and limited financial assistance related to wind energy--as well as other renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Learn, Connect & Act! Visit our website to learn more about CERTs and how we can help you learn, connect, and act!

Dedication to Community: 
The Clean Energy Resource Teams are wholly committed to community-based energy. That's why we work to bring people together in their communities and provide them with the resources they need to plan and implement their own clean energy and energy efficiency projects. CERTs partners know that local control and ownership of projects leads to greater benefits for your community.


CERTs Statewide Office
411 Borlaug Hall 1991 Upper Buford Circle
Saint Paul, MN 55108

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Completed Projects

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