Southwest Initiative Foundation

The mission of the Southwest Initiative Foundation is to be a catalyst, facilitating opportunities for economic and social growth by developing and challenging leaders to build on the region’s assets.

The Southwest Initiative Foundation (SWIF) is a regional community foundation dedicated to advancing southwest Minnesota through leadership, relationship building, program development, and philanthropy. The Foundation works to ensure that southwest Minnesota is a highly productive and engaged region where growing numbers of people choose to live. To date, the Foundation has contributed over $43 million to southwest Minnesota through grants and loans. SWIF administers the Rural Energy Development Initiative (REDI), a program that provides outreach, education, project development assistance, and financing for community wind projects. REDI Resources is a project of this initiative.

Dedication to Community: 
SWIF is helping advance the renewable energy industry in southwest Minnesota to keep wealth in the region and help residents capitalize on the many opportunities related to renewable energy.


Southwest Initiative Foundation
15 Third Ave NW
Hutchinson, MN 55350

Cheryl Glaeser
  • Wind Energy
  • Education & Training

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